Documenting the imaginary.

Multiplying quantum realities.

Reflections are an endless source of surreal juxtapositions of things. This book is a collection of weird scenes unfolding on glass windows. These reflections construct virtual space that is multidimensional, disorientating, absurd and often ghostly.

No photo manipulation was used – these images are surreal as they are. The series can be viewed as a documentation of random “parallel worlds” around us that we tend to overlook.

It is an invitation to a mental game with no rules. Everybody plays with their own subjective meanings, symbols and associations – akin to dreaming and dream interpretation.

We feel the urge to make sense out of nonsense. Encountering absurdity stimulates us in finding coherence and meaning in other aspects of life. We travel where our minds take us through associations. Essentially a travel through the subconscious and, thus, a way to confront ourselves.

It is also a fun thing. These visual snaps can turn into comic or horror stories, into poems and fairy tales. It is a game of picking the meanings you prefer to choose at a given moment.

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Gift edition, 30×30 cm, premium paper, 90 pages